The number of referees in a football match there is one person referee assisted by 2 linesmen. alt-dewapoker.com The main referee in charge of leading the way in order bertandingan run smoothly and obey the regulations, resolve any problems in the game. while the linesmen task is to help the main referee, especially in seeing the ball coming out of the field lines, determine the off side and whether or not a player and help the main referee to give consideration to the main referee if requested.

1. Main Referee Duties

Maintain and follow the rules of the game and decide any disturbances or disputes between each team.
Record events during the game.
The main referee has the unlimited power to stop the game for any violations.
May issue each player during the game if it is deemed by the referee made a mistake.
Can give a hint that the game can be restarted after the termination of the above offenses.
Determine whether the ball that will be used will be used matches to qualify or not.

2. The Task Assistant Referee / Guard Line

Raised his flag up to indicate the ball has left the field of play.
Indicates if the ball over the goal line and whether a corner kick or goal kick to be given.
Shows which party has the right to throwing in, corner kick or goal kick.
Waasit draw attention to the game is rough.
Give opinions about issues that may be requested by the main referee.

3. Position Match Referee at Startup

The position of the referee on the kick starters (W). The position of the linesman (HG1) and (HG2). Referee moves follow a diagonal line A – B in accordance with the direction of the attack.

4. Outstanding Referee Corner kick Currently

Corner kick Referee Current Position

The position would be the same referee when a corner kick carried out in any area. The position of the referee on the side goalposts or at the point of intersection between garuis penalty kick from the goal line, so it can keep an eye on violations that are not visible.

5. The position of Referee When kick Hurdles

The position of Referee When kick Hurdles

Dewa Poker Alternatif The position of the referee in the middle of the field next to the midpoint of the diagonal. HG1 line judge overseeing the implementation of taking a goal kick stand in line with the penalty area line kicks. HG2 stand inline with the second retaining players from the latter.

6. Position Current Referee Penalty

The players of both teams except the goalkeeper and the kicker is outside the penalty box area. The referee in a position to see that the kick is done carefully and no one entered the penalty area.

HG1 line judge overseeing the keeper in order not to breach and also acts as a watchdog goals. HG2 linesman in siapm idle position.

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